Learn How to “Speed-Read” and Spend Less Time Studying

Learning how to speed read is an invaluable skill today, as information abounds in a world of writing, prose, journalism and poetry. The written word is an integral part of our daily life. We often take our reading and writing skills for granted and never consider that improvements can be made. Researchers have measured that the average reading speed is around 250 word per minute, in completely literate and developed countries, however, this can be increased up to 500 words per minute. Do you remember how you started reading? It was first the letter, then words followed by the sentence. But why did you stop there?

shutterstock_244451953Checking off bad habits

Many of the methods for increasing our ability to speed read are actually the dissolution of bad reading habits. Habits which slow the reading process down, where we reading inefficiently, slowly and without focus. These habits include sub-vocalization. This is where we read out each and every word in our heads as we follow a line on a page. This is more of a distraction and is not skilled reading. Reading can also improve by enrolling in the right University where you will have libraries to read. Check out schoolapply.co.in for ways to apply to the top Universities and improve reading skills.

Reading speed increases with good concentration

Another poor reading habit is reading word by word. The human eye is able to capture up to 1.5 inches of text and reading chunks of text at a time, which is more similar to scanning. Reading one word at a time is wasteful and slow. If we were to soften our vision, with some training, we would be able to read faster but still understand the meaning of the text. This leads us to concentration itself. There are unlimited distractions in our world and knowing which of them deters our ability to read well would allow us to focus more effectively, speeding up our reading.