Break From the Traditional Classroom

Conventional education is often regarded as synonymous with the traditional classroom where the teacher will deliver a lesson to the students under the same roof. The classroom environment was characterized by a strong teacher- student relationship where the teacher would naturally lead all the proceedings. Close proximity between the teacher and the students had its own advantages such as promoting direct interaction betdownload-6ween them to enhance learning.

However, thanks to the advent of the internet it is now possible for people during the contemporary period to learn from any place as the world moves into the cyberspace. It can be seen that the internet has brought about various platforms that make it possible for people from different places to interact directly online. These communication platforms have also introduced online learning where various courses can be done away from the traditional class.

Social media through the internet is another viable platform that can be used for learning purposes away from the classroom. This method of learning is convenient and it helps the learners to learn freely without undue pressure that may be exerted by the teacher. However, it should be noted that there is a risk of students being disrupted from learning through the use of social media. This medium of communication is also characterised by various entertainment activities which can affect the level of concentration of the students.

The internet also has other facilities such as online video conferencing that allows people from different places to converge in real time and interact directly where they can exchange information and other ideas. This also means that the teacher can conduct lessons with students in the comfort of their homes instead of doing this in a traditional classroom. Students are also given the opportunity to conduct personal research online apart from relying on information obtained from the teacher alone.